Attend an upcoming "How to Pay for College Without
Sacrificing Your Retirement" Workshop:

Tuesday, 3/6/18, Assabet H.S., Marlborough, MA, 6:30 -

Monday 3/12/18, Lexington Minuteman H.S., Lexington,
MA, 6:30 - 9PM,

Tuesday, 3/20/18, Montachusett Tech H.S., Fitchburg, MA,
6:30 - 9PM,

Wednesday, 3/28/18, Keefe Tech H.S., Framingham, MA,
6:30 - 9PM,

Tuesday, 4/3/18, Tri-County H.S., Franklin, MA, 6:30 -

​TBD Town of Southborough (Senior Center),
Southborough, MA, 6:30 - 9PM
Contact me to set up a seminar!
I also teach a 2.5 hour class based on the information in my book
Unconventional Investing, Alternative Strategies Beyond Just Stocks &
Bonds and Buy & Hold

​Wednesday, 3/7/18, Assabet H.S., Marlborough, MA, 6:30 - 9PM, www.

Wednesday, 3/14/18, Lexington Minuteman H.S., Lexington, MA, 6:30 - 9PM,

Thursday, 3/22/18, Montachusett Tech H.S., Fitchburg, MA, 6:30 - 9PM, www.

Tuesday, 3/27/18 Bay Path H.S., Charlton, MA, 6:30 - 9PM, www.baypath.tec.

Wednesday, 5/2/18, Tri-County H.S., Franklin, MA, 6:30 - 9PM, www.tri-county.

I hope to see you there!

"Seriously, the best night/adult education class I have ever attended.  Tim's love and
exuberance is infectious!"

"Without question, tonight's class was the best I've taken anywhere.  How you could get
that much info into 2.5 hours is beyond me ... In addition to your knowledge of investing -
and your insight - it takes a special talent to be able to explain it as well as you did!"

"Hi Tim! Great class last night: thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and
experience with us. I don't know, and don't really care to know, how much you get paid for
teaching the night life course but it won't ever match the value of what you provided last
night. I was prepared to learn some of the dryer economics of investing but got really
'juiced' by your work! I'm more excited now than I ever have been to learn more."

"Fantastic Presentation, Topic, and Mastery of Content!"

"Tim Higgins' style engaged all members of the class.  He was exceptional in his ability to
make the language of investing accessible to his audience."

Paying for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement Workshop
I teach a 2.5 hour class (title above) that walks attendees through many of the concepts and
strategies outlined in my book.  I have been teaching this since 2003 at many schools in
Massachusetts.  If you may have interest in hosting or attending this class please email me at

  • "I have been through several MEFA presentations and thought I was familiar with the financial aid process, but
    your advice really brought things to the next level – again, thanks!"
  • "I thought I had attended similar presentations, but Tim was in a totally different class.  He has a wealth of
    knowledge and he shared it freely and clearly."
  • "That was a great class. I really liked your proactive approach to this process.  I was expecting you to show us
    how to “beat the system”,  hide assets, and come up with a strategy to afford college, but I received more
    valuable information like talk to the student, and make sure they know the financial impact of picking the right
  • "Fantastic course - all pertinent, useful info.  Great presenter."
  • "Mr. Higgins is very knowledgeable, I would recommend this course to friends."
  • "Thank you so much for all the great information and empowering us to be more informed in our choices!"
  • "I enjoyed the class very very much.  It exceeded my expectations.  I could probably take it 8 more times and
    still get more info out of it.  Very informative and great attitude."
  • "I learned a lot about applying for financial aid, and about picking colleges that are the right fit. By giving out
    numerous websites as references, Tim provided probably more than all the reference material that I will need
    to complete my search for college, and saving money in the process. I have been to other Financial Aid
    seminars, and this one was by far the most informative."
  • "Exceeded my expectations!"
  • "Great Program -- A must see"
  • "Excellent knowledge of subject, good pace, just the right info, well presented!"
  • "Tim knows his stuff!"
  • "Tim knows what he is talking about, would recommend this presentation to everyone."
  • "Great information -- I wish you were my financial advisor!"
  • "Loved the class"
  • "Excellent Overview"
  • "Very enlightening"
  • "Very Informative, loaded with good info"
  • "I came in with high expectations and Tim exceeded them.  Thank you."
  • "I went to a similar seminar a couple of years ago.  I found yours MUCH more informative"
  • "I felt it covered everything I needed to look at.  I feel much more prepared to help myself and my children get
    what they need when it comes to paying for a higher education"
  • "Extremely informative; took mystery out of process"
  • "This was well worth the time -- very comprehensive and informative"
  • "Excellent Class - hit most of the points I wanted to hear"
  • "Tim takes the terror out of planning for college costs - he makes you feel as if you have some control"
  • "A great deal of information in a short period of time - very well organized and presented"
  • "Kept me interested for 2.5 hours - you are definitely not boring!"
  • "I felt the overall class was very informative.  You touched upon a lot of areas in a very short period of time.  I
    wouldn't change anything."
  • "Very good presentation, very well organized."
  • "Tim - Nice job & insightful! Thank you!"
  • "The class took the mystery out of the college funding process."
  • "It was perfect."
  • "Presenter came across as qualified, informed, confident and sincere."
  • "Eye opener -- Best 2 hours in a long time"
  • "Tim Higgins' course was supurb.  So much valuable information that you cannot find in a book or that
    colleges don't tell you.  What I learned will change some of the decisions we make with our kids."
  • "A great presentation.  Very prepared and informed presenter.  All info was on point and educational."
  • "Excellent presentation by Tim.  Very enthusiastic with highly meaningful material and great examples."
  • "Tim is a knowledgeable teacher on this subject.  Clear presentation and easy to understand.  He answered
    all questions directly and clearly.  Thanks for a great course that exceeded my expectations!"
  • "Very Knowledgeable.  More content than I imagined possible in 2 hours"
  • "Excellent class - concise and well organized."
  • "Tim knows what he is talking about, and made it less scary."
  • "Wow!  You opened my eyes.  Great Material."
  • "Very easy to understand.  Lots of information.  Great Instructor."
  • "Very good presentation.  Clean, Direct, Solid Info."
  • "Good presentation skills.  Very polished.  Jam packed."
  • "Tim Higgins simplifies the complicated world of college financing."
  • "Super informative.  Time well spent!"
  • "It was a great a great seminar, with every second packed with valuable information. I am going to attend it
    again this coming fall, and I will bring my daughter."
  • "Great Course!  Very detailed and interesting."
  • "Nice Job - Very rich in content. Well presented, good pace."
  • "Great, Knowledgeable Speaker!"
  • "Extremely informative with many take-aways.  Will recommend to others!"
  • "Very, very informative.  Very good presentation.  Would recommend to others."
  • "This course presentation was very thorough.  I definitely feel very prepared to start tackling the challenge of
    making the 'best college purchase' for my children.  This presentation was not just informative -- but also kept
    my attention the entire time.  I was honestly not excited to go into a 2.5 hour presentation on financing colleges
    -- but was very pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed the entire presentation.  I will definitely recommend the
    course to others."
  • "Excellent - Tons of information.  My oldest is a freshman in high school.  I'll be back to hear this again next
    year because it's a lot to absorb in 2.5 - 3 hours."
  • "Excellent job in going through the process of getting through college."
  • "Great seminar.  It's my second time, this time with my freshman."
  • "Great presentation!"
  • "Great information.  Very practical advice!"
  • "A fantastic and informative presentation!  Delivered with expert knowledge and humor."
  • "Incredible amount of information"
  • "Jam-packed with facts and great ideas.  Excellent, fast-paced presentation with a bit of humor thrown in!"
  • "Instructor was very knowledgeable and informative"
  • "Very enlightening"
  • "Great class.  Tim clearly know his 'stuff.'  Well spoken and easy to follow."
  • "Lots of valuable info, Instructor knowledgeable."
  • "Very well thought-out, informative presentation."
  • "Excellent session.  Tim is well versed and clearly explains the options."
  • "Excellent seminar.  A wealth of information, highly recommend."
  • "Very informative, well organized, instructor was highly knowledgeable."
  • "Great info, great pace, good/updated powerpoint.  Excellent all around.  Nice Job!"
  • "Terrific! Thank you! A worthwhile investment of $ and time."
  • and many more. . . . . . . .

Testimonials from Hawaii Presentations:
  • "Excellent info! Very fast paced, and I hit information overload! I was very impressed at his ability to continue
    talking throughout his workshop. He had sooooo much to offer!!! I’d PAY to attend this in a more in-depth
    option! Good job and THANK YOU!!!!"
  • "Excellent workshop with lots of information that I can actually use. Tim Higgins was eloquent and passionate
    about his subject. He expertly provided value added information in manageable pieces so that I was able to
    understand and not feel too overwhelmed. After attending his workshop, I am better able to plan for my
    children’s college education. Would have wanted to attend the workshop before junior year, but better late than
    never! Thanks for offering the session!"
  • "Excellent, comprehensive discussion of the entire decision about post-secondary education.  Tim presents
    college planning in a framework that is highly relevant, pragmatic and one from which each family can
    customize its decisions about this critical chapter of our children’s lives. His passion for this topic is evident
    from the fact that he has developed wide-ranging knowledge on all aspects and seems to have read or
    spoken to everyone who has expertise in this space. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear
    him while my daughter is still young enough that I can try to incorporate much of the very holistic process he
    lays out. Not only will it help with the college decision, but I sincerely believe it will strengthen our family and
    help my daughter develop analysis and decision skills that will serve her well throughout her life. I am a CFP
    (certified financial planner) practitioner also, but this is not my area of expertise as most of my clients
    interestingly either don’t have children or their children have completed college. I have on occasion, though,
    been frustrated that I could not offer more guidance and hoped to gain some professional knowledge and
    awareness from Tim. I certainly did, and much, more more than I expected."
  • "Excellent information and very useful."
  • "Yes, please offer this again in the future. Tim’s presentation on saving for college was so informative,
    relevant, and important. I wish everyone I know could attend this! I have gone to a few of these types of
    seminars, but this one was by far the best. It was so outstanding and different. He really made some crucial
    points that will help us be better prepared for both college and retirement. Thank you so much for hosting him.
    It was well worth it!"
  • "Well organized and very informative workshop."
  • "This is a very important workshop that all parents should attend, even if parents "think" that they understand
    the college planning and financial aid process. As someone who’s recently gone through the college
    experience and graduated as recent as 6 years ago, there are many things here that I wish I knew when I was
    a senior in high school or earlier."
  • "Excellent information."
  • "Mahalo for a great seminar. For parents considering sending their children to college, the seminar places
    everything into perspective: Universities and colleges operate as a business. The seminar makes it clear to
    parents that the goal of the universities and college is about filling seats and generating revenue – it’s about
    educating our child and not finding our children jobs. Parents, as customers, who are making a major
    investment into their child, parents should be aware of financial strategies to fund the cost of education and
    maximize opportunities to receiving financial aid. Parents need to be aware of universities and colleges
    marketing their institution, distinguish between name brands schools and equivalent or sufficient
    undergraduate schools to prepare the child for their career goals. I highly recommended that parents attend
    these types of seminars early in the child’s education to obtain information about the realities of the
    universities and colleges and financing a child’s education."
  • "Great information."
  • "This workshop was very, very informative. Having 3 kids (ages: 14, 12 and 9) and college right around the
    corner, it gave us a different insight on how to prepare and plan properly. I’m looking forward to looking up all
    the helpful information that was provided and am quite eager to read Tim’s book. Thank you Tim!"
  • "I thought the workshop was very, very good. So many decisions must be made in the near future. The
    workshop opened up a great avenue to follow. His practical ideas really shed light on the importance of getting
    a good read into what is important to our child and what we need to do to find the best affordable fit for her and
    us. If this workshop was offered again by Maryknoll for the parents, I would definitely attend again. It would be
    foolish not to. Thank you so much to the Maryknoll team for setting it up."
  • "Wow, the resource that was shared in this workshop for the limited time that was given was so worth
    attending it. I had to choose between going to watch my daughter varsity game or attend this workshop. I’m
    glad I made the right the decision to attend the workshop. So worth the investment!!!"
  • "Very informative and useful tips given."
  • "We really enjoyed the workshop; it provided us with a lot of good advice on things we need to be doing now to
    prepare for paying for college. There was excellent information on selecting the right school for the student
    and family, financial aid, and advice on financial planning do’s and don’ts. We really appreciate Maryknoll
    sponsoring this valuable and informative workshop. So helpful; thank you for offering this. The time flew even
    know it was long. Tons of information I thought Tim’s seminar provided valuable information on a variety of
    topics related to the college process."
  • "I thought the seminar was full of good information. Tim moved very quickly in order to finish in a timely
    manner. He gave out useful websites and books to read."
  • "Lots of very useful information on a topic that is overwhelming. Shows there is a lot of potential and
    opportunities in financing for college. One of the key things is realizing you do have to start early and plan on
    working at it to take full advantage of the opportunities."
  • "This was a terrific in-depth workshop."
  • "Thank you for bringing Tim to Maryknoll.  His workshop hit on so many informative and practical tips on how to
    plan for our children, and our own future.  It was almost a 3 hour workshop that went by so quickly because he
    had so much information to share.  I appreciated his down to earth personality, and all of the research he has
    done to put together his workshop and book to benefit us all."
  • "I felt the workshop was very informative. I have 2 children in college already, so I wish I had gone to this
    workshop when they were in grade school so I had time to digest the info and execute some of the
    suggestions that were presented. But even though... it was very informative.  Thanks."
  • "This presentation was very informative."
  • "Very good information presented in an upbeat interesting manner. It made me realize that I can’t be my
    parents and finance two children through college. With one child already at a mainland college, I appreciated
    Tim’s advice to plan for four years not just now. He told us to communicate and I had a discussion with my
    junior son over his options. Until yesterday I was pushing him into a four year college. He’s not interested in
    academics and a community college will be better for both of us."
  • "I wished I knew this information years ago when my son was attending school as my children are 9 years
    apart. It opened my eyes to look at college at a different view. Information is very helpful in deciding what’s best
    for my child and as well as us as parents."
  • "Some of the areas he covered I had already researched, however, repetition is always welcomed.  Of course,
    there were many other areas he covered that were new to me. This workshop provided me tools to empower
    me to assist my daughter in being more aggressive re: financial aid, scholarships, etc. Thank you for providing
    the workshop to prepare us for college."
  • "Great workshop! Demystifies the world of college planning, financial aid, scholarships, etc. Wish I had gotten
    this info several years ago.
  • "Was initially a bit worried that this was going to be some sort of sales pitch. In my experience most financial
    planners are just salesmen who earn a living selling financial products. Was pleasantly surprised as Tim
    seemed knowledgeable and very interested in this subject. I really feel I have a much more insight into the
    financial aid process. I am now better prepared to make decisions about colleges."